Puppy Visits

The most important thing for young puppies is to have a daily ruotine of pee breaks, exercise, and phychological stimulation. Our puppy visits include all those things - feeding, physical and phycological stimulation through playing with the walker or a toy and exploring the outdoors, and of course a chance to relieve themselves. And we always encourage good behaviour and properly relieving outdoors through positive reinforement methods. We can also enforce basic cues that the puppy might be learning at that time.

Most of our clients started with the puppy visit service and eventually go on to join a pack of friends for a regular romp in the park!

Potty Break

We also offer a 15min potty break for those dogs that are either recovering from injury or just need a short little break to relieve themselves. For some dogs, a quick walk around the block is all they need!

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Am I doing it right?
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I'll grow into these ears.
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What's this over here?
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Curious look.


$20/ 30min visit

Shorter visits and additional services for puppies also available, please contact us for pricing.



$15/ 15min break

For longer potty breaks please contact us for pricing. Or check out our private walks service


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