Private Walks

Private walks are for those dogs the need just a one-on-one walk around the neighbourhood or to a local park. Not every dog thrives in an off-leash park with lots of dogs running around, such as elderly dogs or dogs recovering from injuries. Dogs with social issues like aggression may also not be suitable for the off-leash park.

We taylor our private walks to your needs, wether it be a structured on-leash walk on the streets or a loose-leash walk at the park, we are here to make sure your dog(s) get exactly what they need. If your dog requires feeding that is also included in the private walk.


    30 min walk


*$10 for each additional dog from the same home


    1 hour walk


*$10 for each additional dog from the same home

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Old man Andy.
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Nice Fall day.
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Patrolling the neighbourhood.


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