Frequently Asked Questions

  • Company

  • How do I get started with Canine Care Services?

    The first step is to contact us and set up a free initial consultation appointment where you will have a chance to meet one of our walkers that will be assigned to your dog(s) and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about our service.

  • What area do you cover?

    We service both North York and Richmond Hill as well as Midtown (Eglington). If you live just outside these areas it is possible we may still be able to provide service for you, please contact us to find out!

  • Is the company insured and licensed?

    Absolutely! Canine Care Services is fully insured and bonded and all of our dog walkers have their city of Toronto dog walking license.

  • Do you provide services on weekends and holidays?

    We do provide walking services on weekends, evenings, and holidays. Please contact us to inquire about pricing.

    • Dog Walking

    • How long are the walks?

      Our group walks consist of at least one hour of off-leash time at the park or forest trail. We always try to make sure the the dog(s) will be tired and happy when you come home. With pick-up and drop-off times your dog(s) would be out of the home for at least 2 hours, though on really nice days the dogs may keep us out even longer!

    • How many dogs are in each group?

      The city of Toronto by-law allows a maximum of six dogs per group and this is what we adhere to. Most groups will have six dogs or less, though there are always plenty of other dogs at the park to play with!

    • Are there any requirements for Group Walks?

      Yes, all dogs must be up to date on vaccinations. In addition, all dogs must be at least 6 months old and be spayed or neutered.

      The city of Toronto also has a by-law requiring all dogs to have a city tag which you can get by contacting Toronto Animal Services. We also require dogs to have an identification tag with the dog's emergency contact information.

    • Where are the dogs taken for their walks?

      Group walks take place at the local off-leash dog parks including but not limited to Cedarvale, Sunnybrook, Earl Bales, and Sherwood. Private walks generally occur around your neighbourhood.

      For the nature walks, there are many trails and ravines around North York, we try to go to different ones depending on the groups and the season.

    • Will my dog have the same walker on every walk?

      Yes, one of our walkers will be assigned to your dog(s) and we try to keep the same pack of dogs on every walk. We also offer a back-up walker in case your walker is away, your dog will never be left without his/her walk!

    • My dog is not very social can he/she still get a walk?

      Yes we offer private walks for dogs that have social problems, or just needs to be walked one-on-one.

      Depending on the age and behaviour of the dog we also offer the option to have one of our walkers train and socialize the dog to eventually join a group walk.